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Test Automation

To build a test automation project that grows with your organization, you need to work according to a standard. Only then will you know with confidence that your automation project will advance the development process as planned. Our expertise is to help you build and improve your automation project so you have confidence in your product.

Why work with us?


Anyone can build an automation testing project, but we would help you build a project that will grow with your products.


You already have an automation project and need to maintain and improve it, train staff or add capabilities? We're here for you.

Strategic planning

Before building an automation project, it is important to plan how it will fit into the development process in the organization. Together we will build a plan that will serve your development goals.

Advanced technology

We will fit the latest and proven technologies to your product testing and your organization's DNA.

Want to know more?

How do we work?

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We will conduct a detailed analysis of your business and technology needs. At the end of the analysis process, we will mark the points that need to be built, improved or changed.

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We will offer automation services and automation development solutions that suit your needs. We will provide the required architecture and work according to our unique test automation standard.

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We will help you scale the project, guide your teams and implement techniques that will integrate the automation team with the development teams in your organization. If you don't have a dedicated automation testing team, we can help you with that too!

Who are we?

Tzur Paldi - Founder and CEO

Hello, my name is Tzur and I have been working in the field of test automation for over a decade. As an automation developer and consultant, I have come to realize that what appears to be a simple task like an automation project is actually made up of many smaller parts that grow in number over time. Through my experience, I have seen that many organizations try to set up automation projects after failed attempts. I developed a simple model that shows that for every small part of a project, there is a critical threshold value by which the success of the entire project can be assessed. My conclusion is that in building an automation testing project, it is crucial to see the big picture, but no less important is the detailed design of the project components, in order to avoid the loop of repeated attempts.

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