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Our vision in Bedekbyte is to enable organizations to reach their objectives. We do this by discovering what they need and using methods and technologies that significantly cut down the time and enhance the quality of a product. The main factors that ensure a project’s success are the thorough grasp of the customer requirement, the creative and hi-fidelity way of implementing it and the execution time.

Tzur Paldi - Founder and CEO
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Hi, I'm Tzur - as a kid who programmed from the age of 10 on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and with a doctorate I received from Tel Aviv University, it's only natural that I specialize in the field of automation testing 😊

I have over a decade of experience in the field, I have held positions as an automation architect, consultant, team manager, lecturer and software developer. I managed and planned many projects in the field of automation for a number of key companies in the Israeli hi-tech industry, including Microsoft, Sela Group and more. I am skilled in leading and mentoring automation development teams to success. For the soul, I have developed automation plugins with over 12,000 weekly downloads worldwide and also several apps in the Microsoft App Store.

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